or perhaps doing chores to earn sufficient money to afford what was taken. The particular “punishment” is over

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Mayfield is in the midst attempting to clear his name after being accused getting a drug abuser after, according to Mayfield, NASCAR somehow had him test ‘false positive’ for meth. on more then one occasion.

Satchel bags for women could come in large or small lengths and widths. Smaller SATCHELS for women could be handy to transport small goods like a purse, a phone, keys, along with iPod. Beach front find it ridiculous to hold a giant handbag for such possessions. Thus, small satchel bags for women are successful.

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Once realize there are only that kid has stolen something, you’ll have a have assure that they something to the defective. It could be as simple as giving back the object towards the person concerned and apologizing, or perhaps doing chores to earn sufficient money to afford what was taken. The particular "punishment" is over,
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Now, not all kate spade bags are winners (which is true with every handbag collection), so regarding the simplest choice. No silly patterns, no fake. Most kate spade handbags are priced around $150- $300, they also can get much more if you go for leather instead of fabric.

Tweed is often a rugged woolen fabric that dates back to over 2,000 years inside the past. It is made from number of weaves and from wools in different colors, giving the fabric a distinctive flecked aspect. Some popular tweeds are Cheviot, Irish, Scottish, Yorkshire, Saxony and one of the most famous, Harris.

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DreamHost Extends Hosting to East with RagingWire Data Center

Web hosting provider DreamHost announced on Tuesday it has contracted to become an anchor tenant in RagingWire Data Centers new Northern Virginia campus known as Bolt. move follows DreamHost deployment of Nicira’s network virtualization platform, which provides capabilities for software developers to create and deploy web scale apps or enterprises to create a research and development cloud.

The critical facility is engineered for 100 percent availability with 21 MW of highly available facility power, enabling DreamHost to extend and enhance its hosting and cloud services and to improve end to end network performance particularly for its East Coast and European customers.

DreamHost product portfolio includes shared hosting, virtual private servers, and dedicated servers, along with cloud storage and compute services in beta testing.

The web host internally engineered technologies can be configured for individual users and scaled to support complex web applications and e commerce sites.

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is expanding rapidly worldwide with our unique mix of smart and creative software development, flexible infrastructure, and passionate support for open source platforms and applications including Linux, OpenStack, WordPress and Ceph, said Simon Anderson, DreamHost CEO. chose RagingWire for our Virginia data center partner because they have cleverly innovated their power, cooling and physical infrastructure to deliver ultimate reliability for our web and cloud hosting network and servers. And the people at RagingWire are pretty cool as well! Northern California and Ashburn, Virginia data center facilities feature the most advanced and energy efficient infrastructure. The company recently secured $140 million in revolving credit facilities.

The colocation firm data centers are engineered, built, tested, and operated by in house data center experts and operators.

The combination of RagingWire people, process, and technology results in a service level agreement that guarantees 100 percent availability with no downtime even during maintenance windows.

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What do clutches, hobos, shoulders, buckets, satchels, and slings all have in keeping? They are different types of dance shoes. They are all accessories for women that serve a very purpose. Not only do little bags look as if be which can carry great array of items, additionally double as a defensive weapon, as well as fashion device.

Before printing was invented, the types were within the mortgage monument makers, engravers and monks. Later the types changed and the changing within the art styles in different epochs.

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Hobo bags are popular shoulder bags that produce a nice round shape along with a lot of interior a place. SATCHELS are large handled bags that have access to a lot of room but are less 5-star. Clutch bag,
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Save on your heating and cooling bill all year long along with a magnetic register sheet. In the winter, afterward you cover the ceiling level return register so only cool air is returned whereas in the summer, cover in the floor level return so warmer, ceiling-level air is returned.

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You may run a retailer and aim for the name of your store and also logo printed on the baggage that you give to customers with their purchases inside of of. This is an excellent involving promoting your shop as well as the merchandise which sell.

The Mac DVD to iPod converter is designed to rip and convert DVD to iPod for Mac users, such as converting DVD to MP4/MPEG-4 video and audio formats like MP3 and M4A. All of all of these can be played on all forms of iPods like iPod nano, iPod classic, and apple ipod touch.

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Comodo Launches Security Tool

The new toolkit, says Comodo, are designed to enable financial institutions to ensure best practices as outlined by the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council. And banks can better address concerns of online fraud, which is increasing at a rate of 18 percent a year.In an effort to combat such threats, FFIEC upholds best practices for financial institutions to provide mutual transaction authentication online. This enables consumers to verify the authenticity of the Web sites before and during the transaction, while banks can verify users with a two factor process.SAFE not only helps banks best address regulatory compliance, but enables them to provide the most secure online transactions for their customers, says Melih Abdulhayoglu, president and CEO of Comodo. doing this, banks can recognize reduced operational and customer support expenses, mitigate risk in a proactive manner, and most importantly, increase customer trust online.

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and are appropriate for different occasions.

Designer scarves can undoubtedly wonderful accessory for your closet. Especially if you can purchase them without the high price of the real programs. If you find that the cold winter months blues are turning in the wardrobe blahs, you’ll likely find how the few all those Fendi and Burberry look-a-likes can transform how truly about your clothes.and your venture!

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Luxury watches make a serious fine tool. But I’m not on the subject of a $300 Michael Kors watch. Instead, look to true luxury brands like Patek Philippe, Cartier, Omega, and naturally Rolex. Whether you choose 18kt gold or a close watch encrusted with diamonds, it will likely be a gift that will easily work for a lifetime. She could even transfer as loved ones heirloom. Because when you invest much in a watch, you’re getting superior quality and personality. It will glimmer in her wrist, leaving a lasting mark.

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The Kidde Combination Carbon monoxide & Smoke Alarm provides two important safety devices in 1 unit. The alarm a new voice warning system that announces "Fire, Carbon Monoxide or Low Battery" so there’s no confusion concerning nature of your emergency.

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This will give you a sense of what styles your children like.And how do I clean/pickle my blowtorched sterling silver if my chain is stainless steel? How to Make a Fringe JacketHopefully this will clear the nest of enough of the strong healthy wasps to kill off the nest completely.And though he knew that her speaking voice was beautiful, when she had spoken to him she had not been singing.In response to consumer demand, women’s coat manufacturers have been trying over the past decade to create warm winter coats that aren’t bulky.The work is full of sale items in bulk and a nominal price.

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The Captain laboriously swims up to him, grabs at the wood and shouts angrily:However, there are a few things that you should consider when you planning your whitewater rafting trip.

Where a solitary house in the middle had been burned down, the embers were still smoking.

Many parades use old cars in mint condition.posted by Lentrohamsanin at 3:38 PM on March 7, 2007Advertisers dispute this they cb radio speak that the purpose of advertising is not to increase consumption but to maintain a product’s market share.Islamabad demonsratators call for Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to resignHow to ChooseA pair of inexpensive leggings can amplify your style statement along with the quality material formulated to give you comfort.

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Which is why he was devastated to bogey the par three and yet, paradoxically, it empowered him.

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cheap ray bans Data collection and spying continues to make news with a never before seen complex surveillance software. In November

Destructing Malware Infects Thousands of Servers Worldwide

Researchers have discovered a sophisticated, self destructing malware that has the ability to affect hard drive firmware.

According to a report released on Monday by Kapersky Labs, a group called Equation has been using multiple types of malware since 1996 to stage cyber attacks. "The Equation group is probably one of the most sophisticated cyber attack groups in the world," said the report, "and they are the most advanced threat actor we have seen."

Kapersky identified more than 500 victims worldwide but because the malware contains a self destruct mechanism, it estimates the actual number of victims to be in the tens of thousands. Servers, domain controllers, data warehouses, website hosting and other types of servers have been found with infections.

Command and control infrastructure used by Equation includes 300 domains and more than 100 servers in several countries including the US, UK, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Panama, Costa Rica, Malaysia, Colombia and Czech Republic.

Data collection and spying continues to make news with a never before seen complex surveillance software. In November, Symantec discovered Regin. "The level of sophistication and complexity of Regin suggests that the development of this threat could have taken well resourced teams of developers many months or years to develop and maintain." The newly identified software used by the Equation group is even more complex.

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Called Equation for its love of algorithms and sophisticated threat methods, the group uses at least six kinds of malware to wreak havoc on unsuspecting Windows systems. Equationdrug, doublefantasy, grayfish, equestre, triplefantasy and fanny are the varieties of malware identified in the report. Grayfish is the most complex of the tools residing in the registry and using bootkit to execute at startup.

Doublefantasy is initially used on victims to identify if they are interesting enough to be targeted and to keep a backdoor open in the system. If the target is deemed interesting, the Equation group moves forward with installing equationdrug on older operating systems and grayfish or triplefantasy on systems using Windows 7 or newer. These programs allow for full control of the operating system. The malware is primarily designed for Windows systems, however Kapersky did find evidence indicating there may be a Mac version of doublefantasy as well. It also noticed different code being shown to iPhone users which indicates they are also being targeted.

"GRAYFISH is the most modern and sophisticated malware implant from the Equation group," according to the report. "It is designed to provide an effective (almost "invisible") persistence mechanism, hidden storage and malicious command execution inside the Windows operating system." This scariest thing about this piece of software is that it’s the most complex that Kapersky has ever seen suggesting "developers of the highest caliber are behind its creation."

Based on the level of development and the most targeted countries of attack being Iran, Russia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, China, Syria and Mail, it is speculated that the NSA or other government entity may be behind the Equation group. Target groups included governments and diplomatic institutions, telecommunications, aerospace, energy, nuclear research, oil and gas, military, nanotechnology, Islamic activists and companies developing cryptographic technologies, giving further support to the idea that the Equation group may be backed by government interests.

"Although the implementation of their malware systems is incredibly complex, surpassing even Regin in sophistication, there is one aspect of the EQUATION group’s attack technologies that exceeds anything we have ever seen before," the report stated. "This is the ability to infect the hard drive firmware."

The malware can survive a hard drive reformat and operating system reinstall.

Cheryl Kemp (264 Posts)

Cheryl Kemp is the Content Director for the WHIR and HostingCon. At the WHIR she is responsible for writing and developing content, managing social media communities, and photography and videography. At HostingCon she is responsible for recruiting and coordinating advisory boards, as well as managing the conference program development process and speaker selection. She attended the University of Cincinnati and holds a degree in Psychology. You can find her on twitter and google+.

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cheap ray bans is an impact that an investor will have to judge relative to their overall portfolio. I personally believe it is distorting the pricing of risk since about mid last year

Chesapeake Granite Wash Trust NYSE

Last quarter for Chesapeake Granite Wash Trust (NYSE:CHKR) was interesting because it provided a range of areas that showed change, mostly in a positive direction. But it was still an ugly quarter, so I will get that part of the report out of the way first.

On May 9, CHKR announced its quarterly distribution for production during the time period December 2012 through February 2013. CHKR is heavily weighted in production to natural gas so favorable trends in natural gas prices would lead one to expect a decent quarter for the Trust given the low levels gas prices reached over the past year. However, CHKR’s distribution of $0.69 was 20% below target, and was so poor that the earnings on a fully dilutive basis could not cover the subordination threshold for the Trust. On a fully diluted basis the distribution was $.59, which was 32% below target so the subordinated units of the Trust (all held by Chesapeake) received a distribution that was substantially lower.

The lower distribution level is not a surprise, because it has become the new normal for the Trust. As the above graph shows, the distribution levels have been below the IPO target for the past five quarters. The rise since August 2012 is not a function of better performance it is only a function of the subordination threshold, which is 80% of target. On a fully diluted basis, the past four quarter distributions have been the subordination threshold amount.

The Trust press release references lower total sales volume and realized price levels as the cause for the miss. The market share price leading up to the announcement was positive, and there was no reaction to the announcement which likely means that the actual results were not a surprise, and there are other factors that are specific to the Trust as well as general market trends that are currently positive for share demand. The overall market rally, to the extent it is caused by Federal Reserve policy, is an impact that an investor will have to judge relative to their overall portfolio. I personally believe it is distorting the pricing of risk since about mid last year, and have written on the topic. But at the moment, this type of distortion is not likely to break if investors are waiting for it. The best strategy at this stage is not to overpay for risk and "hope" for any individual holding in your portfolio.

The specific areas that I see affecting the expectations for future Trust performance are what I will focus on in this article.

Review of Recent Market Impacting EventsIn the article I published before the opening trade on March 20, "Chesapeake Granite Wash Trust Updated Reserves Show Major Downward Revision, Buyers Beware," I analyzed the Trust’s proven reserve revisions as announced in the published Dec. 31, 2012, 10 K. The day this article was published the information was not yet priced into the shares, and the shares fell from over $17 to slightly below $14 in two trading days. This over $3 gap down in share price provides a good indication of the market expectations of how big a negative impact the reserve revision would have on the future value of the Trust.

Since that time, the shares traded sideways until mid April, and then began a 20% retracement back to the level it was just before the information about the revision to Trust reserves became public. A part of this rally is correlated with the S which is up 8% over the same period. But the out performance needs some additional explanation. There are some positive signals regarding the initial revision. The Trust CEO announced on May 9 that by drilling only three wells per AMI section instead of four, well performance loss on wells yet to be drilled is possibly mitigated. This means that at least on the remaining wells the issue may not be as bad as expected. So, maybe there is a rational for hope, at least on the remaining undrilled wells, and is in my assessment the likely reason shares have recovered since mid April.

So, how do you evaluate all of these moving parts and assess the current share price? This report will provide information to fairly assess the situation for yourself and provide my assessment of the value of the Trust at this time.

CHKR Earnings Performance AnalysisIn the press release announcing the Trust results, management pointed to "lower sales volume and realized prices" than the estimate in the IPO Target as the reason that the distribution target was missed. This was not unexpected given the PV 10, which showed a sharp decrease in MBOE proven reserves of 26.6% during 2012 due to well performance. During the quarter volume was 942 MBOE, down 7.6% from a high of 1020 MBOE in the spring production period in 2012 (current quarter distribution is for prior quarter production), and also 4.3% lower than the 984 MBOE registered one year ago.

The earnings for the most recent quarter, however, did not track lower with production which is a relative good sign. My review of the results show that realized prices in general were positive for results. Any statements about realized prices are only indicating that the price level was not as good as it could have been, primarily due to the continued low NGL price and the wide differential spread to oil. But overall, the earnings line is restrained largely by lower production, which to the extent it is not caused by decisions to hold product off the market, is a result of lower well performance, which is not recoverable in the future.

Drilling ProgressIn the graphic below you can see that drilling has been accelerated by Chesapeake (NYSE:CHK) ahead of the IPO schedule. The Trust drilling is expected to be completed by the end of 2014.

Drilling completion in December 2014 or early 2015 means that subordination will likely end starting with the August distribution in 2016. The IPO prospectus projected that the end of subordination could take as long as the June 2017 quarter. The biggest news with respect to drilling during the quarter was the remedy Chesapeake is using to mitigate the well performance issue on future drilled wells with respect to the problem encountered with drilled wells that have gone into production, and wells conveyed to the Trust. The statement about the well performance issue during the earnings call was as follows:

The changes to previous estimates were primarily as a result of higher than expected pressure depletion within certain areas of the Granite Wash AMI. To mitigate this issue we are evaluating the benefits of drilling only three wells per section rather than four wells. Preliminary results while early have been encouraging.

The Trust has 45% of the total wells that Chesapeake is responsible to drill still remaining to be drilled. The undrilled wells represent 28% of the total wells the Trust expects to have in production at the end of drilling.

10 Q Statement about the ImpairmentHere is an excerpt found in the accounting notes from the 10 Q published by the Trust on May 8, 2013:

Impairment of Royalty Interest. During the quarter ended March 31, 2013, the Trust recognized a $32.9 million impairment of the Royalty Interest. The impairment was the result of reserve revisions that were due to current results being below expectations, primarily as a result of higher than expected pressure depletion within certain areas of the AMI. This has resulted in lower initial production rates and lower expected ultimate recovery in certain recent development wells.

A couple of analytical notes for investors:

The $32.9M write off in book value of the Trust Investment is lower than the PV 10 downward adjustment on a relative basis. 31, 2012, PV 10 reduced the proven reserves by 11,756 MBOE on a conveyance of 44,266 MBOE or 26.3%, netted to 22.8% if you add discoveries and extensions in 2011. On a relative basis, one would expect that the write off of the Trust Investment would need to be of similar magnitude. Based on existing public information it is hard to know whether the mitigation plan is just to make sure the major reserve revision in the PV 10 does not get worse, or whether there can be some recovery from the initial estimate. This question was not directly asked at the earnings call. I am inclined to want some actual evidence of improvement before bidding up the shares based on the accounting entry. However, there is a probability the results won’t be as bad going forward. I will provide information about how this can (and already has) affected share value in the fair value section of this article.

Production Mix AnalysisThe PV 10 published in the most recent CHKR 10 K showed that the Trust over the past year showed a slight decline in oil in its production mix relative to natural gas and NGL. This product mix composition trend continued to be confirmed in the past quarter results:

The trend over time has had a small impact on the value of the Trust as BOE volume has trended to lower value products. However, the impact in the most recent quarter due to production mix was not a major contributing factor on earnings performance.

The biggest positive impact on the CHKR Trust earnings performance in the past quarter can be found in the market price for natural gas. In the graph below you can see the actual market prices for oil, gas and NGL during the past year and the last production period.

The average realized price at the Trust was $31.74 in the November to February production quarter. This is 6.23% higher than the $29.76 the prior quarter. As the market prices reflect, the big downward change in the realized price level at the Trust occurred three quarters ago when both oil and NGL prices suffered significant declines.

Overall the improvement in realized price is primarily due to the increase in natural gas prices. The Trust oil production is estimated to be 100% hedged with derivative contracts that lock the realized price at $88 per barrel for oil. The NGL price is hedged using oil to the extent swap contracts cover production volume at a ratio of approximately 2 to 1. This only hedges general energy market price declines and does nothing for swings in the underlying NGL product market. As you can see from the graph, NGL market prices have been in the dumps since last summer and remained low during the past production quarter. The spread differential of 2.6:1 over the past several quarters has placed a strain on realized NGL prices when the impacts of the hedges are included.

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