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Demand Cloud Gaming Platform

Game studio Square Enix has announced Project FLARE, a cloud hosted, on demand game platform that it’s collaborating on with companies such as game publisher Ubisoft.

Project FLARE represents a relatively new form of game delivery in which the onerous work of data crunching and graphics rendering is shifted from powerful local computers and consoles to nearby servers. When game players press keys, this is sent to the server as input that is quickly processed and video frames of the game are sent back to them based on their actions.

While on demand gaming could provide rich gaming experiences on low end computers, consoles and handheld devices, many companies offering often on demand platforms have had difficulties. One of the forerunners in cloud based game streaming, OnLive, filing for bankruptcy protection in August largely because of the costs of scaling its server infrastructure and paying staff.

On the topic of scalability, Square Enix said that its platform has a "patented architecture enabling cost efficient scalability of processing power." Additionally, Ubisoft, Square Enix’s first partner announced in this venture, will be using its technology to help stream FLARE games directly to players.

For Square Enix and its partners, cloud delivery represents a new business model that changes the distribution model of game content. Cloud delivery has the potential to bridge the current landscape of different consoles and operating systems that hinder developers. And it also provides game developers more control over the game experience, revenue and distribution.

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Square Enix chairman Yoichi Wada said in a statement, "In the game industry, revolutions in both technology and business models have evolved content, and growth has come from the new game experiences born of that content."

But this is all dependent on whether gamers are truly willing to embrace cloud based games.

Game Informer news editor Mike Futter that he’s not sold on cloud based gaming because of noticeable input lag and variations in image quality. While not ruling out the possibility of other services providing a more immersive experience via the cloud, he says, "so far though, there isn’t evidence of such a method working."

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