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DHAP Digital Picks 365 Main Web Hosting

offering more value added services, customers such as DHAP Digital can take advantage of the offerings they need to ensure their critical business needs are met while deployed at 365 Main, says Jaimie McGrath, vice president of customer deployment at 365 Main. located within close proximity to DHAP IT department allows them to focus on growing their business while we focus on protecting it. Digital said it chose 365 Main because of the closer server location and configuration for the company developers, project managers and administrators.selection of 365 Main was based on a thorough assessment of the technical and operational design of the facility. It was important for DHAP Digital to extend its corporate services and customer offerings to a 24 hour location that was still as close as the internal network, says Steve Ginsberg, information systems group lead for DHAP Digital. Main knowledgeable and helpful staff worked with us to build a custom installation, and together we were able to install redundant high speed fiber to connect to our downtown office."In addition to being in close proximity to our servers and 365 Main’s impressive facility, some of our customers, who are large financial institutions, demand that their data be housed in only the safest data centers possible," says Craig Severance, CEO and founder of RealConnected. "Because we promote ‘risk mitigation’ to our customers, it would be inappropriate if we did not embrace a ‘risk mitigation’ orientation ourselves. We can rely on 365 Main to make sure we do." Read More

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