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5 Offers IT Admins Increased Management Capabilities

December 13, 2001 Symantec Corp. Ghost 7.5 provides customers with a way to drastically reduce ITcosts by offering administrators a market leading deployment and userconfiguration solution with even more management functionality than previousversions, said Joe Wang, vice president of Symantec enterpriseadministration. 7.5 allows IT administrators to streamline thedeployment of operating systems, making Ghost an ideal solution formigrating to a new operating system such as Microsoft Windows XP. Ghost 7.5 Corporate Edition has earned both Microsoft Windows 2000Professional and Server Logo Certification and Designed for MicrosoftWindows XP Professional Logo Certification. Ghost 7.5 also supports LinuxEXT3, offering native support to the newest Linux Journal Filesystem. The ICSA LabsPC Firewall Certification program is an independent and comprehensiveprocess that vigorously tests, assesses and validates the security of PCfirewalls relied upon by individual users in remote locations. Read More

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